Benjamin Muller

Urban Planner & Graphic Designer

Waterbury Public Art Committee Patent Posters

Graphic Design

Created a series of posters based on 19th and early 20th century patents approved in the City of Waterbury. This work was done on behalf of the Waterbury Public Art Committee for their annual Artisan’s Market, held in City Hall. Beginning concepts and general direction were developed by the WPAC, with layouts, color selection, and final designs created by myself in consultation with the WPAC.

WPAC Waterbury Watches Patent Design, 2018 WPAC Mechanical Pencil Patent Design, 2018 WPAC Lighter Patent Design, 2018 WPAC Bicycle Gear Patent Design, 2018

Designs were featured in WPAC’s social media campaign advertising the event and were also printed in the Waterbury Republican-American newspaper.

WPAC Social Media Posting

Prints sold out at the market and are on back-order.