Benjamin Muller

Urban Planner & Graphic Designer

Southbury officials pose in front of new mini-bus

Section 5310 Grants

Administering FTA Section 5310 Mini-Bus Grants for NVCOG Municipalities, FY2017-2018.

Photograph courtesy of the Southbury Patch newspaper.

Transit Planning

I administered the FTA Section 5310 grant program for the Greater Waterbury MPO for fiscal year 2017, securing $216,000 for our region in a competitive statewide application. This included the purchase of four vehicles for municipalities in the region, as well as funds for the development of a website for the Northwest CT Mobility Manager.

During the process, I directly assisted municipalities with application materials, individually scored each application on merit and accordance with the statewide Coordinated Plan, and met with CTDOT to determine the final award priorities for the region.