Benjamin Muller

Urban Planner & Graphic Designer

Month: October 2017

GWTD Administration

GWTD Minibus

The Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments serves as the Transit Director for the Greater Waterbury Transit District, which provides and monitors demand-responsive transit options for seniors and disabled residents of the region. I am the primary staff person assigned to the Transit District, and am directly responsible for all administrative and planning duties. This work

Greater Waterbury Transit District Website

GWTD Website

The Greater Waterbury Transit District needed a new website to inform riders, senior center workers, and municipal agents of the demand-responsive transit options available in the Greater Waterbury region. As part of NVCOG’s position as GWTD’s Transit Director, I developed a new website for the Transit District for this purpose.

Let’s Walk! NVCOG

Let's Walk - DRAFT

The NVCOG Pedestrian Plan is currently underway. The final plan will develop a pair of data-driven indices identifying areas of pedestrian activity and pedestrian danger, to assist towns and the region in prioritizing projects. The plan will also highlight ways to improve current policies and programs to better serve pedestrians in the region, and set

NVC Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy


The Naugatuck Valley Corridor Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (NVC CEDS) is a federally-mandated report NVCOG assists with for the Shelton Economic Development Corporation. The NVC CEDS covers 20 towns, including all 19 towns in the NVCOG planning region. For the 2016 report, I provided significant data analysis and graphic design. I also was responsible for